State Homefront

This is a map of the state of Pennsylvania. Outlines and names all the counties in the state.

John Peter Isles was raised in Swissvale PA, Allegheny County, located in a suburb of Pittsburgh. During World War 2, Pittsburgh was nicknamed "The Arsenal of the Democracy" due to it's massive production of steel and iron for munitions. This steel was used to manufacture weapons, ships, aircrafts, and ammunition. During the war, Pittsburgh produced more steel than all allied countries combined. 

This map specifically details the city of Pittsburgh. It labels the surrounding suburbs and the three major rivers: Allegheny, Ohio, and Monongahela.

Pennsylvania as a whole faced food shortages during the war. Citizens came together to prioritize rationing and they also planted gardens called "Victory Gardens" to grow fruits and vegetables for their families and communities. Many citizens found work in the steel factories that were in constant force produce high levels of steel. Pittsburgh was also home to a major recruitment center for men to join the military. Peter Isles enlisted in Pittsburgh.

In the state of Pennsylvania there were three major military installations and bases. One was the Philadelphia Navy Yard, which was the first naval shipyard in the United States. Another was the New Cumberland Army Service Forces Depot located in Harrisburg. Strategically located on the Susquehanna river, the depot was used to house supplies that would later be shipped to Europe and to help repair military aircraft. The last installation was the Letterkenny Ordinance Depot located north of Chambersburg. Letterkenny was one of 12 ordinances that had capabilities to repair missiles and it's location was chosen due to it's proximity to Washington DC and access to Pennsylvania railroad systems. 

 Philadelphia Navy Yard. This naval shipyard was the first in the US and was an important seaport for military during WW2.

(Picture on left) Letterkenny Ordinance Depot was a major military depot in North Chambersburg PA. It was major military installation for the state.

(Picture on right) New Cumberland Army Service Forces Depot in Harrisburg. Major supply distributer and repaired military aircraft.

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