Early Life

Full Name: Peter John Isles

Location of Enlistment: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Mother: Lillian Jane Isles (Maiden Name: Lees)

Father: Peter Paul Isles

Mother, father, and many extended family members buried in Monongahela Cemetery

Siblings: Isabelle McCann and James Isles

Extended Family: Grandma- Isabelle Lees, Aunt- Isabelle Henry, Uncles- William Lees, Andrew Lees, James Lees

Monongahela Cemetery in Braddock, PA. This is where most of Peter Isles' family is buried including his parents.

Peter Isles was 15 years old when World War 2 began and he enlisted when he was 18 years and 7 months old. Peter completed eight years of grammar school and three years of high school, he did not attend college. Although he was not married when he enlisted, he later married Aileen J. Isles. They had no children. 

Peter's occupation at his time of enlistment was a shop clerk, his weekly wage was $35.00. His home address was 7007 McClure Ave. Swissvale, PA. The population of Swissvale in 1940 was 15,919 people. 

(Picture on left) 7007 McClure Ave. Swissvale PA. This was Peter and his parent's home.

(Picture on right) Newspaper headline when US went to war with Japan. This was before Peter enlisted.